Dr. Tasaka will give a speech at STACEY’S BOOK STORE in San Francisco to commemorate the release of his new book ” To the Summit”.

2007年11月26日 田坂広志

Date : Tuesday, November 27th

Time : Start at 12:30

Location: STACEY’S BOOK Store

581 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94105




After years of living in two of the world’s richest countries, citizens of America and Japan don’t seem to be any happier by the measurement of most psychologists today. Philosopher and entrepreneur Hiroshi Tasaka uses a compelling mix of Zen Buddhist philosophy and the teachings of Nietzsche to make a logical argument for the adoption of purpose in our lives. Tasaka doesn’t provide answers but does ask the question: What sort of life would you be comfortable repeating, over and over again?

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