Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka will appear in “ifest’08” on July 10-11th.

2008年7月10日 田坂広志

Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka, President of Think Tank SophiaBank will appear in “ifest’08” on July 10-11th in Barcelona, Spain.

This event is an event which has been organized by Infonomia since 2005 under the brand renacer, a new “Renaissance” event which has grown in all variables that measure success.



The Visions July 10-11

at Herzog’s Pavilion in Barcelona

“bring the vital energy and creativity to stand and solve future issues, pushing them in new and productive directions for society”

speakers, practitioners, experts share what they are doing, what they understand, what they experience, about the next ideas, technologies, methods, that will change business and society

*Dr. Tasaka will appear as a speaker of THINKERVISIONS – thoughts that spring new realities, the journey from knowledge to wisdom


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