Think Tank SophiaBank launched the English web site in November 15, 2007.

2007.11.15 SophiaBank

SophiaBank/November 15, 2007

Think Tank SophiaBank is a Network Think Tank formed by President Hiroshi Tasaka, Vice President Kumi Fujisawa, Ms. Mieko Nishimizu, the former Vice President of the World Bank Group and other 6 Partners.
These members deliver their message and philosophy on this site toward the world.

We hope you will check “Radio Station”.
This is the first Internet Radio Station operated by think tank.
You will be able to listen to some programs on Philosophy, Vision, Management and Professionalism etc.
by Dr. Tasaka and other Partners on this site.
All the past programs can be checked and listened on ” Audio Archives”.
Most of these programs can be downloaded on PC or registered on iTUNES for free.

Also, you can find the information on the books and articles written by President, Vice President and Partners on “Document Archives”.
We hope the message on the site, in the books and articles will be a good help for you to think of how to change the world and put it into actions.
Contents of the site will be continually updated.

If you have any message or comment, please feel free to send it to us.
We really look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Posted by: SophiaBank Date: November 15, 2007