Dr. Yasuo Onishi appeared on Chinese TV Station, CCTV International to discuss climate change

2009.12.17 Yashuo Onishi

Yasuo Onishi/December 17,2009

Dr. Yasuo Onishi brings us his recent news as follows:

I appeared at TV Program, “Dialogue” of the Chinese TV, CCTV International on December 14, 2009 from Richland, Washington, U.S.A.
This TV station is the only TV station broadcasting over the entire China in English, and is also broadcasting in many parts of the world.

The topic of the TV Program, “Dialogue” I appeared was climate change, focusing on the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
I was from the United States, a professor and an institute director in China, a Greenpeace member from Copenhagen, Denmark, and a think tank director from India, all appeared in the program.

The discussion content was the moral responsibility of developed nations by causing global scale climate change, financial aid, transfer of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies to developing nations, and developed nations’ political will, and others. It covered specific examples, e.g., U.S. billionaire, George Soros’ proposal to significantly increase the financial support to developing nations and developed nations’ political will to do it; and the Pacific Island of Tuvalu, which is fearing of loosing their islands by the rising sea water and its leader’s request to adapt a radically new treaty to drastically cut the green house gas emission.

This program was broadcasted at Beijing Time 1 p.m. of December 14, 2009 in China as well as in many parts of the world, including the United States. This program was re-broadcasted four more times since then.

CCTV International is viewed by many people in the United States. In this December, CNN Cable TV Founder, Ted Turner and Yale University President also appeared in this Program, “Dialogue” of CCTV International at its Beijing TV Station for 30 minutes.


Posted by: Yasuo Onishi Date: December 17,2009