Dr. Yasuo Onishi participates in an International Conference on Climate Change

2010.10.18 Yashuo Onishi

Yasuo Onishi/October 18, 2010

Climate Change International Conference Participation

Dr. Yasuo Onishi, a senior partner of Think Tank SophiaBank, was requested by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States to be a member of its scientific delegation to participate in an international conference on climate change. The conference is entitled “Global and Regional Climate Change”, and discusses regional climate changes worldwide, including their impacts on climate, meteorological and agro-meteorological extremes, water resources, and natural ecosystems functioning, as well as modeling and forecasting climate change.

It will be held in Kiev, Ukraine on November 16 ~ 19, 2010. Dr. Onishi focuses on flooding and its forecasting, and a required nationwide hydrological forecasting system to protect the environment, people and nation’s economy.

He was one of nine U.S. scientists previously requested by the National Academy of Sciences. These nine scientists participated in a bilateral climate change workshop on “Water Sector Adaptation for Climate Change” held at the National Academy of Sciences’ Headquarters in Washington D.C. in December 2009. He presented a paper on climate change impacts and adaptation on water resources and energy in the December 2009 workshop.

Posted by: Yasuo Onishi Date: October 18, 2010