After having worked for Japanese and foreign investment fund management companies, Fujisawa founded the first investment trust evaluation company in Japan in 1996, and sold it to S&P in 1999. She was nominated to the Young Global Leaders in 2007 and to the Global Agenda Council in 2008 by the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference).
Fujisawa is active in teaching socially conscious investment strategies and management through publications, lectures, television and radio. On major television and radio networks, she has already interviewed over 1,000 leaders of small- and medium-sized corporations and ventures as well as individuals, with an eye toward creating mutually beneficial bonds between corporations, organizations, and individuals.
She has also authored more than 20 books on the topics of investment management for individuals and executives of small companies. These books have been translated from Japanese into many Asian languages.
Fujisawa graduated from Osaka City University in 1989.