Mr. Shinnosuke Matsuyama is working as a top management CEO at a USA subsidiary of a Japanese trading company.
While being a top management of private company, he has been very active in many fields as a social entrepreneur.
He has been issuing a book review e-mail magazine ” Webook of the Day” since 1997, which attracts numerous readers and influences many Japanese mass media.
Addition to this, he serves as a Guest Professor at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, an executive coach and he delivers lectures in various fields including innovation of management and company, method of self-education and how to live and work.
His main books are “How to Use the Balance Score Card”, “Mindmap Reading”, and “100 Effective Books for Work and Life” etc. (Published in Japanese)
Also he created a picture book “A Mouse and Santa Claus” with his child and “100 People, 100 Books, 100 Percent” with 112 colleagues. He says these two books are his treasure.
He leads some web based groups such as J-College, 100 Books club, and so on, which seek the fluctuation effect with motto of “RINKIOUEN”(stand by and back up in your friend’s chance or in his pinch, with joy and surprise).