Jin Tatsumura was born in 1940 near Kyoto, Japan into a family of renowned Japanese textile designers with a 400 years tradition. He was educated at prestigious Kyoto University’s Department of Aesthetics, and went on to work for NHK (the Japanese equivalent of Britain’s BBC) upon graduation. He was soon recognized as an innovative director, and after realizing that his work was more suited to documentaries than TV, he left NHK to pursue his dream of making his own feature length documentaries. In 1974, his first theatrical documentary film CAROL was released, and is now a cult favorite in Japan. Since then, Mr. Tatsumura has made numerous award winning theatrical and television documentary features including “The Fantastic Journey of the Silk Road” and “The Starship and the Canoe”, for which he won the Galaxy Award (Japan’s most prestigious award for documentary filmmaking). To date, he has received four Galaxy Awards for his visionary work. Mr. Tatsumura’s achievements have been further acknowledged with the Kyoto Cultural Award, the Japan Catholic Film Award (for Gaia Symphony Ⅱ), among numerous other awards.

Since 1992, he has directed all the films in the Gaia Symphony series I-Ⅵ which can be called his lifework.