Mission of SophiaBank

To Incubate New Social Systems

By Fostering Social Entrepreneurs


Three Social Functions of SophiaBank

(1)Network Think Tank

(2)Socio Incubator

(3)Community University


What is Network Thinktank ?


(1) From Close Org. to Open Network

(2) From Think-tank to Sophia-bank

(3) From Think-tank to Do-tank

(4) From Think-tank to Feel-tank

(5) From Biz Dev. to Entrepreneur Education


What is Socio Incubator ?

How to Incubate a”Socio Egg”?

Five Social Capitals

(1)Knowledge Capital

(2)Relation Capital

(3)Trust Capital

(4)Brand Capital

(5)Culture Capital


What is Community University ?


(1) From Teaching to Self-Learning

(2) From Teaching to Co-Learning

(3) Not Only Knowledge, But Also Philosophy

(4) Not Only Career, But Also Mission

(5) Not Only For Business, But Also For Society


Vision for Innovation of Society


New Definition of Innovation
Seven Evolution of Society

(1) Evolution of Market
From Consumer Centric Market To Prosumer Centric Market

(2) Evolution of Competition
From Competition of Products To Competition of Products Eco System

(3) Evolution of Strategy
From Business Development To Business Eco System Incubation

(4) Evolution of Business
From Providing Products and Services To Proposing Life Style and Culture

(5) Evolution of Industry
From Seeds Oriented Industry To Needs Oriented Industry

(6) Evolution of Society
From Indirect Democracy Society To Pure Democracy Society

(7) Evolution of Economy
From Monetary Economy To Voluntary Economy