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Kumi graduated from Osaka City University in 1989. After working for Japanese and foreign investment fund management companies, she founded the first investment trust evaluation company in Japan, in 1996. @In 1999 she sold the company to S&P. She is active in teaching socially conscious investment strategies and management through publications, lectures, television and radio. On major television and radio networks, she has already interviewed 600 Leaders of small corporations, venture business and individuals, with an eye towards creating mutually beneficial bonds between corporations, organizations, and individuals.
She has also authored many books on the topics of investment management for individuals and management of small company.
She is also sitting on several law development committees in various government offices (FSA,METI,CAO).

1996: Founded IFIS Limited, Japanfs first investment trust evaluating company. President.
Sold IFIS Limited to world-renowned ratings company Standard & Poorfs. Assumed position of Director at Standard& Poorfs.
2000: Participated in establishment of the think tank, SophiaBank. Appointed as Director.
2002: Broadcaster on "21st Century Business Class", an educational program on NHK. (-2005)
2003: Established the Japan Social Entrepreneur Forum, an organization supporting social entrepreneurs. Vice President.
2004: Conducted management buy-out of the think tank, SophiaBank. Vice President.
2005: Was appointed Visiting Professor of the Hosei Business School of Innovation Management.
2007: Was nominated the Young Global Leader 2007 by World Economic Forum

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